Guest Post: HiConsumption

Guest Post: HiConsumption

Those who remember the International Harvester Scout, unfortunately remember its mundane reputation. While a great-looking vehicle on the outside, what lied under the hood left much to be desired. It was this reality that led Sean Barber to initiate New Legend, an outfit that’s been restoring these vehicles since 2013, and Cam Bresinger of NEMO Equipment to seek Barber’s assistance in building one of his very own Scout masterpieces.

Guest Post: Outside Online

Naturally, the engine needed replacement. So, Barber picked and pulled pieces from Chevy engines and transmission circa 2004-2014 to replace the original drivetrain. The process yielded a rebuilt 430HP V8 LS3 engine under the hood. After that, the chassis was replaced by that of a Jeep Wrangler JK, modified to pair with the motor and the original Scout body. This enabled Cam to integrate some serious aftermarket off-road suspension components from American Expedition Vehicles. Combine this with authentic Walnut veneer panels for the dash and an ultra-cool 70’s body style and you;ve got a mean off-road animal ready to tackle just about any terrain that’s perfect for camping, NEMO style.


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