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We work together with our clients to discern and craft the ultimate vintage / modern vehicle. What they find is that these vehicles get back to their original purpose: Take it to work, drive it to the lake house, hit the trails, and then go out for a night on the town.

Sourcing a Legend

Not just any old truck in a corn field has the potential to be a Legend. That “rusty but trusty”, “ran when parked” pickup out in the barn probably isn’t going to be a top candidate for a full resto-mod build. Although we’re based out of America’s heartland, we source donor trucks from all over the country. We have decades of experience in the classic 4×4 industry and know how to spot potential from a country mile. When we choose a truck, you know it’s going to be rust-free, structurally sound, and have a unique and compelling story

Modernizing The Ride

It’s no secret that driving a truck with looks to kill is only half the dream. It’s got to ride better than the day it rolled off the line. That’s why we’ve perfected the art of matching an OEM body to a modern coil spring chassis with top of the line suspension, brakes, and drive train components. You can’t put a price on not dreading a cross-country drive in your classic 4×4. Trust us, your back, significant other, and kids will thank you.

Delivering the dream

You don’t live in the Midwest? Not a problem. We’ve been transporting and delivering classic trucks for over 15 years and like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Imagine waking your family and taking them to the driveway as your custom New Legend truck is delivered to your door. Or – better yet – live the classic American dream and fly to our shop to road trip back home, family in tow. We guarantee it’ll be an experience you and yours will never forget!

Technical Innovation

We have been in the classic 4×4 restoration market for going on 20 years now and have the expertise to show for it. With ongoing innovation and technical advancements comes the never ending pursuit for perfection. Our process features the pairing of a respectfully restored original body with a brand new frame, suspension, and the latest in engine and drive train technology. The result is a beautifully hand crafted classic 4×4 that gives you the aesthetics and experience of an OE vehicle with the performance, reliability, and driveability of a brand new truck.

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