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“I drove my first Scout 20 years ago and instantly fell in love. It was a low mileage, ’78 Scout II, Selective Edition, 345 4 speed - it was perfect! Just the right size and I loved the turning radius and ease of driving. The original IH drivetrains are really cool and they have a distinct sound and feel. Then, I bought a few of them and my wife and I had a vision that we could restore a Scout to be a daily driver and a primary vehicle. I chose out of my small fleet a ’79 Scout II and we started to restore it and modernize it as much as possible. Eventually, I did it! I finished a beautiful Scout II with a fuel injected Chevy 400, NV4500, Atlas transfer case, and Dynatrac axles. That’s when I knew we were onto something.”


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New Legend 4x4

In 2003, Sean and his wife Heather, bought a small International Scout parts company in the Bay Area of California called Anything Scout. The mission was simple: provide quality parts at a fair price; do it with good, friendly customer service, and keep these amazing vehicles on the road for years to come. Over the years, the mission has remained the same, but the innovation of parts and services has evolved into what we believe is the best Scout “retro-mod” shop in the world.

The manufacturing and shipment of high-end automobiles all over the country has its geographical drawbacks. That’s why, in 2006, our shop relocated from the Bay Area to Central Iowa. We also felt it necessary to move closer to the birthplace of the original Scouts, the heart of the Midwest to better represent the soul of these beautiful machines.

New Legend fosters opportunities to make the mundane memorable for you and your family. Just going to the store or picking up your kids from soccer becomes instantly cool in a classic 4×4. We’re dedicated to keeping these trucks on the road to enable new generations to have the same great memories exploring life, just as those before us!

Our future is driven by a low production, high quality model that respectfully tells the story of each truck as an individual – not simply another restoration project. In the coming months, you can expect more of the same amazing builds for which New Legend has become known, in addition to carefully handcrafted content highlighting these one-of-a-kind classic vehicles in their modern element.

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New legend is the ultimate expression of our years of hard work and experience

Sean Barber
Founder – New Legend
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