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Passion. Craftsmanship. Innovation.

Have a five minute conversation with anyone on our team and try not to get excited about vintage Scouts. We’re fortunate enough to work with some of the best young mechanics, fabricators, and truck enthusiasts in the country, and our work shows it. Attention to the smallest detail, vision for the big picture, and the highly specialized skills to pull it all off are what unites us in our mission to deliver the best classic 4×4 money can buy. New Legend is the ultimate expression of our years of experience and hard work

New Legend 4x4

Our legendary


Cliche or not – our small team functions as a tightly knit extended family. Each one of us brings a highly specialized skill to the table and we’re proud of the work we accomplish every day. Years of experience, combined with a can-do attitude, and the willingness to grow as a unit, have resulted in one of the best custom 4×4 shops in the country.

Sean Barber New Legend 4x4

Sean Barber

Heather Barber New Legend 4x4

Heather Barber


Luke Stephenson


Ben Law


Tyler Fritz

Lead Fabricator

Michael Shuka


Joe McFarland

In Memory Of
Tim Bolar New Legend 4x4

Tim Bolar

Final Assembly

Matteo Cardella


Mike Leedom


Lily Barber

Commerce/Partner Manager

Ben VanHorn

Content Manager

Andrew Willoughby

Brand Manager

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