Guest Post: HiConsumption on New Legend ‘LII-Three’

New Legend ‘LII-Three’

Written by Chris West of HiConsumption:

“New Legend 4×4 is known far and wide for eclectic Scout builds, bringing the iconic vehicle into modernity without sacrificing the characteristics that make each vehicle special. With their newest project, the LSII-Three, the team has successfully introduced another beautiful monster to the world — and it’s filled to the brim with intricate enhancements.

The Omaha Orange LII-Three is an overland vehicle first and foremost, utilizing a slew of drivetrain and suspension improvements that set the bar for off-road readiness. Dynatrac axles, ARB air lockers, and Fox racing adjustable shocks ensure that the vehicle will carry you over the toughest terrain known to man. Hutchinson beadlocks, an Atlas II twin stick transfer case, and an entirely new Outrider chassis that’s been outfitted with a four-link coil suspension come together for the ultimate in off-road capability. While the exterior components might make you a little giddy, it’s the engine that’s the true star of the show — the LSII-Three houses an LT-1 6.2-liter powerplant that produces 460 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. An Italian leather saddle interior package, Corbeau seats, and a Focal/Mosconi sound system are protected by the vehicle’s six-point roll cage and custom-made console — showing that no minor detail has gone unnoticed by the talented team at New Legend 4X4.”


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