‘89 Town ‘n Country

  • Engine

    5.3 LS

  • Color


  • Style

    Grand Wagoneer

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic


‘89 Town ‘n Country New Legend 4x4
  • Tastefully restored body
  • New polished trim and decals
  • New weather stripping, door seals, and window felts
  • Fresh paint on bottom half with blend and clear



What we did

This classic Wagoneer was picked up in sunny California with very low miles and in ridiculously clean condition. The interior looked as though it had never been touched and apart from some sun damage on the roof, you would’ve believed it had only been driven in the best of weather conditions on the weekends.

Our customer for this truck decided to go with a modest lift, more aggressive rubber, and carefully restored 1965 Jeep “poverty caps” to better suit their Idaho cabin environment.

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    New Legend works diligently to preserve the unique design elements that make vintage vehicles so cool.

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  • High Praise

    New Legend 4×4 takes classic offroaders and turns them into incredible modern machines. Its latest “Runner” series aims to keep that classic patina while offering a contemporary driving experience.

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    A quality, rebuilt Scout is a breath of four-by-four fresh air. And New Legend 4×4 is quickly becoming the best outlet for resto-modded International Scouts.

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New Legend 4x4

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