’74 Cascadia

  • Engine

    6L L96 GM (360hp)

  • Color

    Original Patina Paint

  • Style

    1974 Scout II

  • Gearbox

    6l90 6 Speed Automatic


  • Original patina paint
  • Workman front bumper
  • Front Runner roof rack
  • Repaired and painted hard top
  • New lenses, seals, and windshield




This 1974 International Scout II Runner is one we are proud to say is returning home. After spending most of its life in Eastern Oregon as a management truck for a logging company, it is now headed back to its home in the Pacific Northwest. After a stay with us at our shop in Ames, Ia, this beautiful Scout II is looking to make memories in its new home in the state of Washington. Being as this Scout will have spent most of its like in the Pacific Northwest we felt it was only right to give it the name, Cascadia. An ode to the incredible region this Scout gets to call its backyard.

We can sum up this build in three words: built for adventure. Featuring its new 360 HP GM 6L L96 engine, this Scout gains power it has yet to experience in its nearly 50 years of life. With modern power also comes the benefit of modern fuel economy and the ability to go further, 17-21 mpgs further that is. This is sure to keep this beautifully patina’d red Scout cruising down the road amongst the deep greens of the Pacific Northwest for years to come.

Beyond the mechanical upgrades this Scout has some additional upgrades to keep the adventure going. The addition of a 2″ lift, new 33×10.5×17 tires, combo sliders, and a Front Runner roof rack helps propel this Scout beyond most things mother nature may throw at you while on the road. Thats the goal, to keep these Scouts on the road as we progress through the modern age. Built as viable off-road vehicles back in the day, we feel they still hold a place on and off the road well into the future. This 1974 Scout II is not only a great one to look at, but a great one to take on any one of life’s adventures.

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