‘80 Harvest Moon

  • Engine

    4.8 LS

  • Color

    Original Black with White / Orange Spear Stripe

  • Style

    Scout II

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic


  • Floors inspected and coated for heat and sound insulation
  • New body bushings
  • New weather stripping, door seals, and window felts
  • Buffed, cleaned, and polished original 1980 paint and trim
  • Original roof rack



What we did

We found this super clean, all-original, Scout II diesel in the hills of colorful Colorado. With 56,000 original miles and virtually no rust, it’s one of the more rare trucks we’ve come across in the past two decades. This truck rolled off the line near the end of International Harvester’s “Scout Era”, thus making it that more desirable.

Our vision for this truck is to respectfully preserve its soul and originality by highlighting the original paint and patina developed over the last 30+ years in the elements of Colorado. A new heart, a modern LS engine, will get it back on the road, and modern components, such as a new drive train, frame, and suspension, will get it back on the road to foster yet another generation’s discovery and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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    New Legend works diligently to preserve the unique design elements that make vintage vehicles so cool.

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  • High Praise

    New Legend 4×4 takes classic offroaders and turns them into incredible modern machines. Its latest “Runner” series aims to keep that classic patina while offering a contemporary driving experience.

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  • High Praise

    A quality, rebuilt Scout is a breath of four-by-four fresh air. And New Legend 4×4 is quickly becoming the best outlet for resto-modded International Scouts.

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