’79 Tahitian Dream

  • Engine

    LS 4.8L (295hp)

  • Color

    Original Patina Paint

  • Style

    1979 Scout II

  • Gearbox

    5 Speed Manual


Scout II
  • Original patina paint
  • Stock chrome bumpers
  • Powder coated dash
  • Treated rust areas and added protective coating on interior and underside
  • Engine bay repaint in satin black




This 1979 International Scout II, known as the Tahitian Dream due to it’s incredible original paint and patina, was rescued from Texas. Though it was disassembled and in a slew of parts in a backyard we could not help but see the potential in this build. With a vision for a custom Scout II runner we knew this incredible piece of history had to be saved, this Scout II needed to be on the road!

If you’re familiar with the vintage 4×4 community you are sure to know that a classic Rallye Scout sticks out amongst the rest. This is due to its flashy decals racing across the length of the Scout. What’s better than a fresh new Rallye decals? How about decals, that over the years, have truly become one with the truck. The patina of both the paint and the decals truly makes this Scout stand out amongst the sea of vehicles out on the roads today.

With our customary New Legend 4×4 LS conversion and all the new bells and whistles, this 1979 custom Scout II is sure to keep up in the hustle and bustle of our modern day. We were able to keep its original paint, which is very important to us when we come across vehicles in this condition, and went with stock bumpers to complete that vintage 70’s look. On the inside: a proper updo in Pendleton textile just to elevate the experience of owning this one of a kind New Legend Runner!

Scout II

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