’75 Cherokee

  • Engine

    6.2LSA (560hp)

  • Color

    Patina Apple Green

  • Style

    1975 Jeep Cherokee

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic 6L80


  • Original patina Apple Green 1975 Jeep color
  • New under-hood liner
  • Color match Scorpion line rockers



What We Did

Our 1975 Cherokee was found in a chilly Minnesotan barn it had called home for 25+ years. Before it was parked in the 90’s for good, the original owner babied this Cherokee; it never saw a day of snow or rain which kept it in amazing condition. We were thrilled it was passed onto us so it could see many more years of driving to come. We did a full body resto to the chassis and drivetrain. Hit cruise control at 80mph no problem and expect smooth, modern performance. We decided to pretty much stop after the mechanical restoration, and left that original, vibrant Apple Green color straight out of 1975. The perfect storm of honoring its past and maintaining its future we would say.

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