’74 Ceylon

  • Engine

    5.3 LS (300hp)

  • Color

    Ceylon Green (Original Patina)

  • Style

    Scout II

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic


  • Original Patina Ceylon Green paint
  • Buffed & cleaned paints with detail and polished trim
  • Anything Scout roof rack
  • New lenses, seals, and windshields



'74 Ceylon

From Colorado mountains to Iowa plains and up to Canada snow.. The Ceylon is seeing it all! Our favorite part about this truck is its untouched, original patina paint. We were so lucky to be able to maintain the character of this one from the very beginning, as it’s incredibly rare to find a Scout in good enough condition like this ’74 to keep it original. We designed the interior to compliment that green color, and be playful to the eye with all its colors woven along the door panels and headliner… Here’s to more life!


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