‘72 Sunrise – Iron & Resin

  • Engine

    5.3 LS (300hp)

  • Color

    Sunrise Yellow

  • Style

    1972 Scout II

  • Gearbox

    4 Speed Automatic 4l60


‘72 Sunrise - Iron & Resin New Legend 4x4
  • This Scout received new floor pans, and heat and sound deadning throughout
  • The exterior was clean and had a cool older repaint back in the 80's
  • We left that so this Scout could be used as it was intended without fear, still look amazing!



What we did

This Scout came from the same collection as the ‘69 Copper Mountain and they both were super clean and rust free southern Texas rigs. This one had similar beefy farmer fabbed bumpers and other bits that we had to undo and clean up. The original 392 ran like junk! So, off it went to the Terrables collection. It is so cool to work with clients who see the vision in a patina-build Scout, carrying the story forward to the next generation! These Scouts are some of our favorite to build and drive!

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  • High Praise

    New Legend works diligently to preserve the unique design elements that make vintage vehicles so cool.

    Iron & Resin
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  • High Praise

    New Legend 4×4 takes classic offroaders and turns them into incredible modern machines. Its latest “Runner” series aims to keep that classic patina while offering a contemporary driving experience.

    Gear Junkie
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  • High Praise

    A quality, rebuilt Scout is a breath of four-by-four fresh air. And New Legend 4×4 is quickly becoming the best outlet for resto-modded International Scouts.

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