’67 Ol’ Yeller

  • Engine

    LS 4.8L (295hp)

  • Color

    Unknown - Original Patina Yellow

  • Style

    1967 Scout 800

  • Gearbox

    6 L80e Transmission


Scout 800
  • Original paint
  • Treated rust areas and added protective coating
  • Engine bay repaint in satin black
  • Restored dash with accents
  • Freshly painted hardtop
  • Stock step bumper with tire carrier




Ol’ Yeller, a beautiful yellow International Scout 800, came off the factory line in 1967 in all of its original glory featuring its original power plant. Although a trail worthy rig in the good ol’ days and a proper street cruise today, its owner felt it needed an upgrade to carry its legacy well into the future. This owner though saw the history of this Scout 800 and didn’t want to go the full restoration route. Instead he wanted to honor its past and allow this Scout to live on in an ever changing world.

This Runner Series, custom Scout 800, features our classic New Legend 4×4 LS conversion and bumper to bumper mechanical restoration after being retrieved from the mountainous state of Colorado. Our Runner Series builds are the ultimate ode to the past by keeping the original state of the scout in tact. this means keeping the beautiful paint to shine and wear its years on its sleeves. This custom Scout is sure to turn heads on the road to anywhere. From Colorado to the Northeast this Runner goes, ready for an updated life of adventure!

Scout 800

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