’67 Hampton

  • Engine

    4.8L LS

  • Color

    Tamarack Green

  • Style

    1967 Scout 800

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic 6L80


  • Lightly restored original body
  • Floors inspected and coated for sound & heat insulation
  • New body bushings, weather stripping, door seals & felt
  • A choice of original or aftermarket bumpers




This 1967 800 was bought by the original owner, and called Colorado home. Despite snowy winters and rocky terrain, the Hampton stayed in impressive condition when we found it. No rust and original paint. We questioned whether it should live out its life sitting in a museum untouched, and if an LS swap would be a dishonor to its incredible condition. At the end of the day, Scouts were created to drive. And that is still their purpose 40 years later. So, we swapped the engine and drivetrain and restored some interior elements, all while keeping its original glory in tact.

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