Why We Drive w/ Scout Photographer Shaun Maluga

The “Why We Drive” series, brought to you by Drive Coffee, exists to celebrate International Scouts and the people that drive them. In this installment we sit down with New Legend friend, 1970 Scout 800 owner, and photographer, Shaun Maluga, to ask the age old question, “Why do you drive?” Check out the video to get a little look into Shaun and his Scout’s story!

To get to know a little more about Shaun and get a look into his adventures follow him on Instagram and check out his Website!

Interview Transcript:

“What captivates me about driving, being from Australia and living in America, is it lets me get out and see the landscapes, take photos, see a different culture, and meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.”

“The scout is special because it has an interesting design, it has a bit of character a bit of soul. I needed a scout because I was moving across[The US] from LA to New York and I had a dog with me. I didn’t want to fly the dog over so I thought the best way would be to get an old vintage 4×4 and take that across the country. It allows me to get into places I wouldn’t otherwise get to see, off-road, difficult roads, and places off the beaten track, that sort of thing.”

“Aesthetic matters to me and the Scout is very photogenic, it looks great in photos, which is perfect for a photographer. A Scout is pretty unique, anyone can go out and buy any new four wheel drive vehicle and take that out but a Scout takes effort and I think people appreciate that when they meet you. The other old vintage 4×4 owners know that they give you a wave and you know what it takes to keep it on the road. I think people enjoy seeing them out on the road as well.”


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