Why We Drive w/ Legend Series Owner Greg Weeder

The “Why We Drive” series, brought to you by Drive Coffee, exists to celebrate International Scouts and the people that drive them. In this installment we sit down with New Legend 4×4 Build LII-Seven Owner, Greg Weeder, to ask the age old question, “Why do you drive?” Check out the video to get a little look into Greg’s story!

To get to know Greg and his Legend Series rig better, follow him on Instagram and check out more specs on his build Legend Series LII-Seven!

Interview Transcript:

“I first knew I wanted a scout when I was very young. My Scout actually was my grandfathers, so I have a lot of memories traveling around with him, my grandma, my uncles, my brother, and my sister just kind of doing backroads with them at a really young age. When I was given the Scout, after my grandfathers death, it became something that really enhanced the memories and it was something I wanted my kids to experience what I experienced at a very young age. So it represented a lot of my childhood as well as hopefully giving my daughters something to remember as well.”

“I think turning 16 is kind of one of those moments in life where you get that ultimate freedom of, ‘Hey I can go where I want, I can go visit my friends, and I can travel to different places my parents necessarily wouldn’t take me before.'”

“Driving to me is, it’s a lot of different things. In a way it’s a total sanctuary when you get into a vehicle, you hear the motor, and you feel the motor, you’re isolated from the days work or the stresses of the day as soon as you start the engine. It’s also a great place to have conversations with the people around you that you don’t get to have anymore because we are locking ourselves into the outside world with our electronics and the stresses of the day with school or work. So, having the moment or the time to spend with the people around you and to have those conversations, the good conversations that we may not get to have anymore. Where kids are separated from parents because they are stuck with a device in their hand.”

“To me the Scout represents everything that’s good in vehicles. It’s old enough to feel the bumps in the road, it’s old enough to hear the engine and to feel the engine through your foot even. It’s about the experience, it’s about being able to go places that you don’t get to go in your normal day to day vehicle. To me its the sensation, the sensation of feeling the wind and feeling the engine in your hands and in your feet.”


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