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A True Legend
Never Dies

When you think about it, most cars on the road today are invisible. Camouflaged in a sea of white, black and silver metal, with nothing to say. Then there are cars that stand out. Start conversations. Have a story to tell. The ones that bring back old memories and make new ones. But often they come with problems, kinks, and just don’t keep us on the move. We don’t like sitting on the side of the road wrenching on old cars… we like them to drive. Take us places. New Legend is where the craftsmanship and design of the past meet the technology, engineering and reliability of the future. Simply, we take SUVs from the 60s 70s and 80s and make them run better than ever.


The Birth of a Legend

Children playing around new legend scout
Scout interior details
Scout rear door open
New legend family

We work diligently to preserve the unique design elements that make vintage vehicles so cool! We also appreciate modern innovations that have driven the auto industry to have better performance, more reliability, and more efficiency in their vehicles. This kind of innovation, in the OE and aftermarket industries, gives ample opportunity to bring these two worlds together - where old meets new. That’s precisely what we have done with New Legend. We have taken the best design and manufacturing from the modern OE and aftermarket world and then skillfully and thoughtfully blended them with their original and vintage aesthetic!

Thats how a New Legend is born.

We work together with our clients to discern & craft the ultimate vintage/modern vehicle to their specifications. And what our clients find is that these vehicles get back to their original purpose: Take it to work, drive it to the lake house, hit the trails and then go out for a night on the town.

New Legend is the ultimate expression of our years of hard work and experience.