• Engine

    5.3L (320hp)

  • Color

    Woodbine Green

  • Style

    1978 Scout II

  • Gearbox

    4 Speed Automatic 4L60


  • Kept the original paint and shadow stripe
  • Original ralley wheels
  • New retro mirrors in chrome
  • Replaced old marker lights, headlights and taillights with new sets




This ’78 was bought straight out of the lot by the current owner’s father. After years of use, he passed it down to his son to continue the memories for another generation. Then, his son brought it to us to give it new life- these stories are what drive us to do what we do! We value family around here and find joy in knowing that old Scouts bring people together. The customer wanted this Retro build to honor the wear from his father’s years of use, but last him through another handful of decades. We did an LS swap and some other upgrades to make the rig drive further, faster, and better. It also received interior upgrades, new seals, and a couple new bells and whistles. The perfect amount of new to make a son feel like he’s driving a new car out of the lot like his dad did!

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