• Engine

    5.3 LC9 (315hp)

  • Color

    Original IH Poly Green

  • Style

    1970 Scout 800

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic 6L80


  • Full respectful restoration
  • All rust mitigated with proper and generous anti-rust coatings and sealants
  • Powder coated accessories and trim
  • Bedliner coated under with color match interior coating
  • Retro style white removable hard top
  • Restored door internals and latches




It may look like we didn’t change much to this 1970 800 since it was first bought… If you’re on the same brain wave, then we did our job! Our goal with the Retro build was to restore everything about it to its original feel 50 years ago. Despite that, we implemented  modern features but kept them as humble and hidden as we could. We kept the factory installed radio, but don’t worry, you can still listen to your favorite tunes. We added a modern bluetooth radio in the center console, sub and amp included. Breezy AC can be enjoyed through hidden vents. The hubcaps are restored originals, and the upholstery is a replicated vintage design. This Poly Green beaut is rolling out of the shop ready for a second life! … Just with a handful of new secret bells and whistles.

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