• Engine

    6.2 L96 (360hp)

  • Color

    Mayan Mist

  • Style

    Scout II

  • Gearbox

    6 Speed Automatic


LSii-Five New Legend 4x4
  • Woodgrain shadow stripe decal
  • Poly-rethane protective bed coating on underside
  • New weather stripping and seals
  • Step rock sliders
  • New Legend roof rack with slim LED light bar
  • New Legend bumpers with LED lights
  • 35” tires
  • Deegan Wheel Set



What we did

Retro style and option restraint makes this one of our favorites! This Scout represents the most fine balance of modern performance and retro style. The accent blanket is spot on with the green leather interior and the original Mayan mist paint is without flaw!  We custom designed the woodgrain shadow decal and it makes everything pop. The 360hp L96 6.2 liter is efficient and civil and powers to the Scout to an easy cruising speed of 80mph! Crank the retro AC unit stuffed with all modern internals and your cool and slick down easy street.  The 70’s called and they want their Scout back! But they can’t have it because its epically capable in the 21st century!

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  • High Praise

    New Legend 4×4 takes classic offroaders and turns them into incredible modern machines. Its latest “Runner” series aims to keep that classic patina while offering a contemporary driving experience.

    Gear Junkie
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  • High Praise

    A quality, rebuilt Scout is a breath of four-by-four fresh air. And New Legend 4×4 is quickly becoming the best outlet for resto-modded International Scouts.

    Gear Patrol
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  • High Praise

    New Legend works diligently to preserve the unique design elements that make vintage vehicles so cool.

    Iron & Resin
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New Legend 4x4

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